Gyo Para - Gyoza Paradise original artwork

About Gyo Para

It was in 1993 that the original Gyoza Paradise opened its doors on Thurlow and Robson, serving authentic ramen alongside the town’s best hand-made gyozas. Today, they’re back as Gyo Para, and they’re dishing out the same, quality ramen that uses natural ingredients and traditional methods that have been passed down for generations.

Gyo Para’s founder, Tak Aramaki, was born into the ramen industry; his parents ran a popular ramen restaurant, Yo-Yo-Ken, in Tokyo in the 1950’s for 20 years until they grew their business into a successful national food manufacturing company called Tsukimen. With the passion for good food and ramen in his blood, Tak’s mission when immigrating to Canada was to bring a part of his heritage and Japanese food culture to Vancouver. His son, Ryutaro, is now the Head Chef, continuing the legacy and proudly serving the family ramen recipe to Vancouver ramen aficionados.

When it comes to quality, Gyo Para never cuts corners or compromises on flavour. Using a $5000 Neu G7 Water Activation System, soup broths are made from scratch using the purest water and finest ingredients. The noodles are made to Tak’s specifications using techniques learned from his father and machinery brought from Japan. A bowl of Gyo Para ramen is so flavourful and rich in natural umami that there’s no need to add anything else.